Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sanibel completing bike path to Captiva

Work began on Sanibel to complete its bike paths all the way to Captiva. Right now, bikers and pedestrians need to share the road with cars from Pine Avenue to Blind Pass.
"You're in the roadway. (You're an) easy target," Fabienne Hegedus of Captiva said. "You have to watch where you're going and watch for bikes, motorcycles, especially the trucks, because if you're walking with a bush in front of you, they can't see you."
The remaining several blocks of the 15-mile bike path will connect Sanibel with Captiva.
"It's a real selling point for those visitors seeking to come to Sanibel for their vacation," said Sanibel City Manager Judy Zimomra on Tuesday. "This fills that very important safety link between two islands."
The project costs $80,196.80, according to Sanibel city officials.  It is expected to be finished by the end of the month.
Sanibel completing Bike Path to Captiva


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