Saturday, April 2, 2011

CARD OF THANKS From Owners of Traders Restaurant!!

From the Island Sun Newspaper

Getting a call Saturday morning
that the fire alarm was going off
at Traders Store & Cafe and the
fire department was being dispatched is
a terrifying way to begin your weekend,
The good news is that upon arrival, the
Sanibel Fire Department was already
on the scene and had the fire/smoke
under control. Their lightning-quick
response time minimized the damage
so our “down time” is probably a week
as opposed to losing the rest of the
Our heartfelt thanks to Chief Duncan
and all the firefighters who worked so
professionally to contain the damage,
and to the Sanibel Police Department for
their almost ’round-the-clock survellience
of the property during our clean-up and
re-construction. We hope to be open for
business within the week
Also, huge thanks to our friends, customers, and neighbors for the supportive
emails, Facebook posts, water, food and
moral support – you’ve helped us so
much more than you know during this
difficult time.
Please come back as soon as we reopen – we’ll need the business!!!
Saturday was the perfect example of
the saying, “When everyone else is running out of the burning building, the firemen are running in.”
Joe Archambault, Gretchen Wilson
and Roseanne Giorvani, Owners, Traders

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