Thursday, August 19, 2010

Captiva pizza looks forward to continued success this season

Captiva Pizza Manager Desiree Jarlowe.

Part pizzeria, part frozen yogurt shop and part high-end boutique, Captiva Pizza is truly a one-of-a kind establishment. And while some might think it crazy to open up a brand new business just as season was coming to a close (Captiva Pizza opened in April), Manager Desiree Jarlowe says everything is going just fine.

“We’re doing pretty well considering it’s off-season, and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the pizza. The people love it — and they love the fact that we deliver,” she said.

But in addition to pizza, specialty salads, frozen yogurt, candy and beverages, Captiva Pizza is also a gift emporium, featuring everything from tropical-themed trinkets to stylish, hand-painted leather sandals.

“Right now we’re working towards getting the gift shop to where we want it to be. Not only do we want to have a very successful pizza parlor, but we also want to have a unique gift emporium that’s full of all kinds of things — things they people can’t find anywhere else. That’s what we’re trying to do,” Jarlowe said.

New items are arriving in the gift shop all the time.

“We have a perfume called Captiva Sea Jewels that’s made exclusively for this store and I’ve started buying a lot fused glass jewelry, which is very popular now, and each piece is different and custom made to my order. We’re trying to get things that nobody else has on either island,” Jarlowe said.

But when it comes to Captiva Pizza’s continued success, Jarlowe said she’s not going to worry about the lagging economy or the media-induced mass hysteria over the oil spill in the gulf.

“I think this upcoming season will be fine. Some people don’t want to look beyond the headlines. Once people get word of what’s actually happening on the islands — that there isn’t oil on the here — they’ll realize what’s really happening and they’ll be sorry they cancelled their vacations,” Jarlowe said. “We’ve survived, despite the economy and what the media has been doing, and I think we’ll come back even bigger and better.”

Captiva Pizza is located on the second floor of the Celebration Center, 11513 Andy Rosse Lane, and is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For more information or to place an order, call 395-0823 or go to (and yes, you can order online!). By JANE BRICKLEY

Tina's boutique offers 'Head To Toes' pampering for children on a budget

Tina Daubenspeck, left, applies a glitter tattoo stencil to 9-year-old client Marisa Woodley.
Looking for a little bit of fashionable fun for your little ladies, but still trying to stay within a reasonable budget? Then a trip to Head To Toes by Tina, located within The Village Shops at 2340 Periwinkle Way, may be the best pampering a young princess can get without breaking your pocketbook.

Tina Daubenspeck, proprietor of the full service nail salon, has a wide variety of special beauty services priced $25 and under for girls age 15 and under. Among her many offerings are manicures, hand treatments, ear piercings and temporary tattoos.

"I used to get my nails done when I was young because it made me feel good," said Daubenspeck, who started her own nail business 16 years ago. "I looked down at my nails and it made me smile."

Head To Toes, which has a selection of more than 200 nail polish colors from numerous manufacturers, recently added a few new OPI nail colors marketed for youngsters. They include the trendy "Alice In Wonderland" and "Shrek" collections.

"If you look at the fashion magazines, you'll see that artificials are out. Short, active nails are in," said Daubenspeck. "Bright, vibrant colors are very hot right now."

Last week, two island tourists — Casey and Marisa Woodley, visiting from Brick Township, N.J. — stopped by Daubenspeck's salon with their eyes set on enjoying two glamourous treatments: manicures and tattoos.

While Marisa, 9, flipped through a book filled with dozens of temporary tattoo stencils, created by Glitter Body Art, her 17-year-old sister sat smiling in front of Daubenspeck, who not only performs a masterful manicure but also takes the time to educate her customers on how to take better care of their nails and cuticles.

"Education is very important for nail care," she said. "Young ladies should learn the do's and don'ts. A lot of girls chew their nails because they're nervous. I try to teach them a few things that will help them take care of their nails. You're never too young to learn about it."

Casey Woodley chose to have her nails covered in an OPI color called "Absolutely Alice," from their "Alice In Wonderland" line. As a finishing touch, Daubenspeck added miniature daisies on top of each nail.

"I absolutely love the way my nails look. Tina was just fantastic," explained the very satisfied customer. "She has such a great personality, because when she's working on your nails and she's talking to you, you don't feel rushed. You feel like you're the most important person in the world to her."

Marisa Woodley, who selected OPI's "Fiercely Fiona" and "What's With The Cat-titude" colors from their "Shrek" collection, marveled afterward at her two-toned glitter tattoo, which lasts approximately one week with proper care.

"I like my tattoo because it's sparkly... not like other tattoos," she said with a wide grin. "I picked the sea turtle because of its cool, swirly design."

According to Daubenspeck, the new Glitter Body Art temporary tattoos have been very popular with all ages.

"Everybody has absolutely loved them," she added. "It's not just for the younger generation, either. They are priced at $5 and $10 each, depending on the size. It's a very fun and fashionable trend, especially her on the islands when people wear a lot of sun dresses and tank tops. It's something to show off."

For additional information about products and services offered at Head To Toes by Tina, call 395-2400.