Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sanibel Island and Shelling

Sanibel Island Shelling & Beaches

Treasures from the sea....

Every March the "Annual Sanibel Fair and Show" is a delightful event to see the wonderful shell collections and shell art.

Sister island Captiva Island also displays an abundance of seashells on its beaches.

What fun to go shelling along the surf and beaches of Sanibel Island, unique in that it lies east and west, different than most islands which lie north and south, this direction allows Sanibel Island to catch abundant sea shells that the Gulf of Mexico brings to its shores. Sanibel Island is world renowned for its shells. People from all over the world come to collect and admire the colorful "Treasures From the Sea". You will find young and old with buckets, bags and nets shuffling long, stooping over, this stance has come to be know as "The Sanibel Stoop"

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