Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sanibel Sea School

Currently, we enroll 24 students a day. During busy times, we can add additional resources to teach a maximum of 30 students per day. Students are divided into groups of 10; each group is supervised by a lead educator. Interns and volunteers assist educators in the classroom and in the field. Students range in age from 6 to 13 years. (For interested teens older than 13 years of age, please look at the adult program.)

Our morning session is from 9:00 -12:00; the afternoon unit is from 1:00 to 4:00. Between the morning and afternoon sessions, we cool down (or warm up depending on the weather) and enjoy lunch.

Typical day
Each day we offer two subjects of study. The first is covered in the morning, and following a lunch break, a second subject is presented in the afternoon. At the end of the day, each student receives a certificate of mastery.

Grown ups
We welcome parents to come along and shadow their children. However, we must request that they limit their active participation in the academic program. In addition, we do not have the logistic capabilities to transport non-students. Shadowing parents must provide for their own transportation and parking to any and all remote locations we visit during the program.

Private Individual, Day-long Include Lunch $90

Kids - Half Day $55

Summer Camp – Day-long, No Lunch $200 / Week

Christmas Camp (6 Days) $250 / Week

School Groups (Includes Lunch) $50/pupil

School Groups (No Lunch) $40/pupil

Homeschoolers $25/pupil/2-hours

Minimum of 5 pupils/group

For > 2 units, a curriculum development fee of $100 per unit will be charged

Adult – Half Day Program $55

Adult – Full Day Program $90

Group Sessions and Family Reunions are available at $20 per person per hour with a 5 person, 2-hour minimum.

Birthday Parties – You supply the cake and decorations. The fee is $30 per person for two hours with a 5 person minimum. For children 7 years old and over, the maximum is 15. For children under 7, the maximum is 8 participants.

Tuition cost may include the purchase of a healthy, but very basic bag lunch. Children with special dietary needs should provide additional or alternative sustenance during the program. Fruit juices and water are provided with the deli lunches.
This time of the year we’re focusing on:
Bivalves, gastropods, donax sampling, wading birds, fish seining, exploring the island on Indigo Trail and the Bailey Tract hikes, and the “around the lighthouse” loop.

Take Five
Sanibel Sea School participates in a program called Take Five which encourages participants to take five minutes of their time to collect litter from the natural environment.

Each of our students ‘take five’ to help clean up the environment during our field trips. We incorporate this as a learning tool. We measure and quantify litter to see how much of an impact we have made and better understand what types of materials are most commonly left behind by other users. We also encourage visitors to recycle by asking students to bring in their family’s recyclables while they are visiting Sanibel.

Students who participate are rewarded with an SX3 Trash Free sticker. Each week, we display the growing quantity of recycling and keep a tally on the positive effect our students have had on the island of Sanibel.

Sanibel Sea School : : 414 Lagoon Drive, Sanibel FL 33957 : : (239) 472-8585

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