Friday, August 7, 2009

A Romantic Getaway on Sanibel Island

Plan a memorable trip for Two that Will Leave You Wanting More of Each Other..
Are you the type to plan trips to the city only to find out that your too exhausted by the hustle and bustle to really enjoy your partner's company? Booking a vacation for two in Sanibel is the perfect getaway. The island is small enough to feel like you've gotten away from it all, but it still has a few shops and restaurants so you don't feel too far from civilization.

Here are a few tips to help make your trip great:

Booking in advance will ensure that you have a place to stay (hotels fill up quickly during the on season). Choose a hotel that offers a beachside view. If that's not within your budget, there are several great hotels that have beach access within a few feet of your door, which can be just as good.

When booking your hotel, do some research to find a hotel with smaller accommodations to try to stay away from louder, large families. Some hotels even feature quarters that are exclusively private for romantic getaways.

Most Sanibel hotels know that you'll be staying for a while, which means rooms have a kitchen area fully equipped with a stove and microwave. Some even include utensils and plates. Opting to stay in and cook a quick meal is much more romantic than heading to one of the crowded restaurants that usually charge too much for food that isn't that great. It's widely known that Sanibel is known for the beaches, not the cuisine, which is frequently overpriced. It's cheaper and more fun to stop by one of the local markets to grab some essentials or quick eats.

Don't worry about planning too many activities; just be spontaneous! After all, this is a romantic getaway. Don't stress yourself out by making huge itinerary. The most you'll have to worry about is having sunscreen on hand for that spontaneous drive to Captiva (trust me, you'll want to check out the beach, it's absolutely gorgeous).

Having a good time doesn't always require more cash, although I do recommend renting a bicycle from one of the local shops during your stay. The island is so small that relying on a car can seem silly. That, and if you go during the on season you'll find that making a left anywhere can seem impossible. Don't let the burden of a car make your stay hectic.

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