Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island is an island located on the Gulf coast of Florida, just offshore of Fort Myers, in 2000 it had an estimated population of 6,064 people. [2] Located within Lee County, Sanibel is a barrier island – a collection of sand on the leeward side of the Gulf Stream from the more solid coral-rock of Pine Island.
The city of Sanibel incorporates the entire island, with most of the city proper at the east end of the island. The community of Santiva, a portmanteau of Sanibel and Captiva, is at the northwestern end of the island. After the Sanibel causeway was built to replace the ferry in May 1963, the residents fought back against overdevelopment by establishing the Sanibel Comprehensive Land Use Plan in 1974 helping to maintain a balance between development and preservation of the island's ecology. [6] A new, higher bridge without a bascule (drawbridge) having to open for tall boats and sailboats, was completed in late 2007.
Thanks in part to the new causeway, Sanibel is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, shelling, and wildlife refugees. More than half of the island is made up of wildlife refugees, the largest one is the J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge. The Island also hosts the Sanibel Historical Village and a variety of other museums and theaters.

Sanibel Public Library

Find it all at the Sanibel Public Library. The latest in books, movies, magazines, and music. A state-of-the-art computer lab. A warm and inviting children’s room. A customer-focused staff ready to help. Stop in. Everyone is welcome.

Wireless Technology at the Library The Sanibel Public Library boasts a wireless network. Patrons can bring their personal laptops/notebooks and access the Internet through their wireless cards. Access is available throughout the entire building. In addition, a second high-speed Bonded T1 line (transmitting data at 3.0M bits of data per second) has been installed and is dedicated to both wireless communications and patron Internet stations.

Sanibel Island Beaches

Sanibel Island Beach Access Sanibel Island is known around the world for its premier shelling beaches. The island's geography and Gulf tidal currents result in great quantities of shells washing up on the fine white sand. Riding a bike or walking/running gives you access to Sanibel beaches that are difficult or impossible to reach by car. Parking around some access points is limited to cars with special permit tags -- indicated by "restricted car parking" in the list below -- but cyclists can find bike racks at all of these access points. Even at the general public beach parking lots, cars will pay a $2 hourly rate while cyclists park their bikes for free. The general public beach access points (those without restricted parking) all have restrooms and water. Click any listing below for more details. Page down for interactive map.

Captiva Island

Turner Beach / Blind Pass (Captiva)

Bowman's Beach

West Gulf Beach Access (restricted car parking)

Tarpon Bay Road Beach

Gulfside City Park

Fulgur Road (restricted car parking)

Donax (restricted car parking)

Nerita (restricted car parking)

Beach Drive (restricted car parking)

Sanibel Lighthouse

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